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Video CVs

3 Tips to Wow UAE Employers with Your Video CV

Remember when you thought the world was going to be ready for you once you finally got to university?

Then summer came along and you realized that your CV was probably going into a digital pile of applications from other like-minded, wide-eyed freshman from the 64 other universities in Dubai and more across the world.

How could you be the one for that exciting, once-in-a-lifetime internship?

Great question.

Apart from showing strong communication, adaptability, and creativity, a video CV is a good reflection of a candidate’s personality. According to data sourced from Oliv, candidates with video CVs are up to nine times more likely to be employed.

But before you rush off to get the tripod out, just make sure you…

Show don’t tell

Employers want to hire individuals who embody the culture of their industry. A great video CV is able to let those qualities of your personality shine through. Like this animator who used industry-standard software to show off her skills and qualifications:

Bring to life what your written CV can’t

While your CV can show the different positions you’ve served in, it can’t show an employer what those experiences taught you. You can use videos to explain creative projects, interesting class assignments, and adventures you’ve embarked on. This high-school graduate has the right idea:

Take pride in your accomplishments and interests

You may not think that your blog, portfolio, or hobby is worth mentioning but it does show your “hunger” for learning all that life has to throw your way. Watch this video and try not wanting to meet this guy immediately:

We hope this inspires you to post your video on Oliv and show employers just how great of a catch you are!